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My Story

I came to 'Barefoot' through my remarkable mare, Desejada. She came from Portugal with a tentative diagnosis of "Navicular syndrome". There had been periods of soundness interspersed with acute lameness. Our skilled farrier did everything he could but the situation did not improve and we were beginning to think that maybe 'Dr. Green' was the answer; take off the shoes and turn her out for a few months to let her feet settle down before bringing her back into work.

We researched on the internet and found the UKNHCP website. The next step was to buy "Feet First" by Nic Barker & Sarah Braithwaite to learn how to successfully transition from shod to barefoot. We changed our horses diets then a couple of months later we contacted a UKNHCP trimmer. 

From the moment her shoes came off we knew it was right. It was so different to when we had tried to do the same for our cob and ease his arthritis. He hated it and was always sensitive but back then we knew nothing of the importance of correct diet & exercise for barefoot horses. 

The periods of soundness quickly became longer, her recovery from soreness was much quicker but she was still subject to intermittent lameness. Following an MRI scan at Leahurst Equine Unit an unresolved chip fracture of the pedal bone was diagnosed, probably done as a foal and too deep to operate. The vets at Leahurst gave a very guarded prognosis. It was felt that she would never be able to tolerate fast work and would always need painkillers.

 Now with her feet having been allowed to develop naturally, we are able to trot, canter & gallop without any spells of lameness. Barefoot hoofcare has proved itself to me beyond doubt. 

We also took our other mare, Melody's, shoes off and watched in amazement as the damage from previous laminitis began to correct. I was maintaining them between trims so decided to train with the UKNHCP. 

My horses are living proof of the benefits of a barefoot regime and I am really enjoying using my training to help my clients with their horses whether already barefoot or making the transition from being shod. 

In addition to trimming I am also a Reiki healer. This helps me to establish a calming atmosphere really appreciated by the horses. I will be happy to advise on diet, exercise and care for your horses' feet.

 If you have any questions or require any further information about taking and keeping your horse barefoot please feel free to contact me. If I cannot cover your area I will do my best to find you another UKNHCP Practitioner who can help you.

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